We believe that a yoga class should take you on a journey.

At True Nature Yoga, our classes are all about giving you the time, space and opportunity to connect with yourself, peel back the layers of stress and tension and flow into a state of complete calm. Each class is uniquely created to be a moving meditation where you can give yourself time to heal, let go of the old and breathe in the new.

In our classes your age, shape and level of yoga experience truly doesn’t matter. We are passionate about creating a non-judgemental space where you are watched closely by qualified and experienced teachers. We want every person who practices with us to feel welcome, comfortable and at ease.

Our small class numbers mean you won't get lost in the crowd.

New to True Nature Yoga?

Our intro offer gives you 2 classes for the price of one ($20) as a welcome gift!

You can either register below or register and book classes via our live timetable.

True Nature Yoga classes are all held within:

Natureco Health Centre

9/1 The Gateway, Edgewater