What people have said about our classes…

We have really enjoyed the classes. Tara is a very intuitive instructor and it feels like she gages the room before deciding the postures. We almost always feel like the class was perfectly suited to whatever ailment we had upon arrival. She is a natural teacher and explains things in a way that is incredibly helpful, always ensuring we are working with our body as it is today. Yoga has been a fantastic addition to our weekend and we feel the benefits almost immediately.
-A&V Codrington

"Having been taught yoga by Tara for a number of years, I knew that with her gentle and personable nature, she would be the perfect choice to teach yoga that was offered to staff members at Mater Dei College as part of their well-being program. Tara is the most fantastic and inspiring yoga teacher. She is passionate and approachable and was able to tailor her instruction to meet the needs of a group of people with vastly different ages, abilities, and experience. As a result of these classes, many staff members have been motivated to continue their yoga practice."

-Marissa from Mater Dei College.

I started yoga due to a knee injury. I was emotionally and physically in pain. The first evening during relaxation, I cried silently. From then on I felt stronger and each time achieved a little more. I feel emotionally stronger. Thank you.
-L Long

When I first attended Tara's yoga classes my daily routine comprised of working long hours in a stressful job and in an environment that often became extremely unpleasant. The negative impact on my health and wellbeing was becoming very evident in that I was often tired and irritable, my sleeping patterns were being affected and I found I struggled to relax.. This in turn resulted in me being unable to focus on any one thing and physically I was lethargic, felt as if I has no energy and the tension in my work life was causing physical tension in my body to the point where I felt stiff in my joints and muscles were tight all of the time.
As soon as I took part in my first yoga class with Tara I could immediately sense that calming and relaxing atmosphere within the room. The classes always have a friendly and good natured feel to them and Tara always manages to make the classes varied, interesting, never repetitive and above all enjoyable. The benefits of the yoga practices themselves were almost immediate. Over the months/years, physically I am more flexible and toned, able to move much more freely and my regular sleeping patterns have returned.
With the meditation and relaxation I am more relaxed and stress free, yet at the same time more focused. I now have a more positive attitude and outlook and I genuinely feel my life has improved as a direct consequence of taking Tara's yoga classes. I would say it's probably the best exercise and most rewarding lifestyle choice I have ever made.

-S Greenhough

I have found my experience of the classes to be extremely positive. In fact there is not something I could say I would want to be improved. Tara is a great teacher and being somewhat uncoordinated, I am corrected in a way in a non-threatening and encouraging way. The class size being small is also beneficial and makes for great yoga.
-N Bennett

I came in with an injured lower back and was hoping to get into exercise again. The yoga has helped so much with loosening my tight muscles and also helping me to get over the fact that I couldn't do much. Now, already after a few classes I feel I can do so much more. Absolutely love the yoga, the centeredness and the balance and focus it brings to my life.
-B Shah

Tara is a wonderful teacher! I enjoy the variety of the classes and appreciate Tara's intuitive ability to tailor the class to peoples energy levels. I appreciate also the clear instructions of the poses and experimenting with new poses. Emotionally I find it a good 'reset', 'grounding' and also helpful to work through and release feelings and heal. The meditations, music, singing bowls & other personal Tara touches all work for me. Thank you Tara, Namaste.
-C Sherwin

I truly love coming to yoga with Tara. I often arrive sore/stressed and leave in a 'happy place' and it lifts my whole day. Thank you Tara!
-L. Wishart

I have benefited a lot. It has helped with my anxiety, stress and mobility. Yoga has given me strength back which I started losing two years ago. Yoga has given me a lot of confidence.
-M Shah

Tara is fantastic and it is really helping with my neck problems and general wellbeing.
-S Brussell

The yoga is great. I am very glad that we have found these classes. I am more flexible now than I was. Tara has a very relaxing manner which comes into the classes. I just hope that they are held for many years to come. Thank you is all I want to say.
-C Coates

I am glad I stumbled upon Tara and her yoga classes by walking past Natureco. I enjoy the way Tara teaches, her classes are always challenging and enjoyable. The environment and the energy of the classes feels good. I love the fact that Tara has helped me participate in the class by showing me other ways to do postures with my injuries. I feel more in touch with my body and my emotions.
-J Brookes

Tara has a vey holistic approach which includes being aware of the mind and prana which many yoga classes lack or do not simplify. Thank you for including this as the extra benefits are as good as a powerful meditation and yoga of course. Namaste.
-H Thakrar

I enjoy that the classes are varied each week and that Tara looks at the students ailments and works on them. Definitely feel better for coming to Tara's yoga. Thank you!!
-R Poore

I love yoga! I have a naturally stiff/inflexible body and yoga has enabled me to move in ways I never thought possible. I love that Tara constantly reminds us that yoga is a personal journey- just about me doing what I can- but also that Im pushed a little bit further. I am always energised after a class.
-G Conti

I love the classes and have noticed that I feel stronger. I used to get sore shoulders but since doing yoga I don't have this anymore.
-M Morris

Feel taller, better posture. Always a highlight of the week to focus and hush the mind. Always feel safely supervised, good variety of moves and often challenged.
-M Carnaby

Love the stretching and relaxation. It helps to soothe my sore muscles.
-D Allen

I love coming to yoga on a Monday morning. It gives me a great start to the week, clearing my head and providing energy for the week. It also kept me fitter throughout my recent pregnancy and I was able to keep my figure despite my growing bump. I am eagerly looking forward to returning to yoga post baby.
-R Coles

Really enjoy the classes. I feel more at peace and have a great mental, physical, spiritual and emotional workout.
-K Fleming

It is great that the classes are small. Its is a great environment and way of starting or finishing your day. I suffer from back pain and it helps my body get in tune, stretches and strengthens my muscles and gives me the relief I need to go on with my daily activities. Thanks!
-V Regis

Feel free and flexible!
-N Shah